Read only important papers. Say goodbye to irrelevant information.

Construct queries using semantic concepts that cover different spellings, synonyms and disambiguated abbreviations

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Semantic concepts free you from writing page-long queries with all word forms

We have ontology with more than 100 000 concepts and constantly expanding. Each concept represents all spellings of some scientific term, automatically covering british/american difference, plurals and more.


Human-readable queries

Everyone is used to construct queries using long lists of ORs, wild-cards and abbreviations that sometimes give unpredictable results. It takes a lot of time and such queries are difficult to edit and understand.

In Prophy you construct queries using concepts and group them into meaningful topics. Our AI suggests similar concepts to help you with that.


Collection of more than 120,000,000 articles

  • We can expand coverage for your fields
  • We can connect to your own data source
  • Search and monitor seamlessly your internal documents and Prophy collection
  • We will help you setup your monitoring queries
  • We daily update our massive collection of articles