Choose the best candidate for your team

We score candidates using their electronic profiles and semantic similarity information and give you tools to organize the list:

Screenshot of applicants list

For the last couple of years Prophy works with European Research Council and provides them with Referee Finder services. For each grant proposal we provide a ranked list of relevant experts, loaded with semantic and bibliographic information, which panel members can filter and sort in different ways.

We started from particle physics and astrophysics, and gradually expanded our coverage to include more and more panels and science fields.

And now we're bringing our experience, data and algorithms into jobs to improve everyone's experience.

How do we rank candidates?

  • Each applicant provides their electronic profile
  • We use our collection of 120M+ articles to calculate their bibliometric data (h-index, number of citations, etc)
  • Our ML algorithm calculates semantic similarity to your vacancy
  • We provide the same rankings for their recommenders
  • We show citations between you and candidates/recommenders

How can you organize the list of candidates?

  • Add candidates to short list, long list, mark as seen or reject them altogether
  • Write comments as a reminder about why you shortlisted or rejected a candidate
  • Use tags to group candidates in the way you like
  • Automatically group people by their research fields using our AI algorithm
  • Vote and organize candidates at any time before the deadline as new applicants appear
  • You can filter candidates to show only the short listed, seen or new

What is an electronic profile?

Profile contains all the articles, and shows the area of specialization and main bibliographic output on the fly.

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Premium feature: Hiring committee

When you have a really long list of candidates and need some help from colleagues or your vacancy mandates a hiring committee, you can invite other people as hiring committee members with full capabilities. They will be able to vote, leave their own comments, use tags and all of this will be seamlessly presented in a unified view, with no Excel files flying around.

We detect citations between all candidates and recommenders and all hiring committee members.

You can upgrade regular vacancy to premium at any time.

Scientific community

We are also exploiting the fact that science is very social-based. The common practice today is that applicants need to supply recommendation letters from people they have worked with, and usually these recommenders are more senior than applicants. It is even harder to look through recommenders, because each applicant provides 2-3, and their count can easily cross a thousand people. And with usual tools you dont have any information about these recommenders apart from their name and email.

We will ask your applicants to link their recommenders with full-featured Prophy author profiles. Then we can score recommenders as well, and highlight relevant applicants. Maybe some of the applicants do not have a lot of publications yet, but they already worked with very acclaimed scientists.